Photo of Chapel

Thanks to Dallas and Maggie, who live next door to the Chapel, for sending on this photo (and many others).


The Chapel still stands in the upper left quadrant of the photo.  I hope you can zoom on the image.  The water appears to be up to the bottom of the main doors.

News so far

As of Monday morning, we are still missing several of our people.  Some have been evacuated from the mountain and we have no contact information for them.  Others, apparently have stayed in their homes without phone connections.  If you have information on any of the following, please contact Pastor Dave.

Sierra, Norm

If you have any questions or need to contact anyone, check with me and I may be able to help.  You can reach me through email at

It appears that a couple of our folks have lost their homes and many have had serious damage.  The Chapel building still stands with some damage in the front. We do not know about interior or foundation damage.  The road in front of the Chapel is gone, as is the parking lot and the house across the street.  Given the conditions of Hwy 34 we probably will not find out much more for at least a few weeks.

Please pray for each other and stay connected.  The Chapel family is certainly stronger than a flood – because Jesus is our Strength!




Over the next few weeks, we will be posting information here about the meeting place and the congregation of the Chapel of the Interlude in Drake, Colorado.

Scroll down to read posts, most recent first.  You are welcome to leave a comment on any of the posts by clicking on the little dialogue bubble in the upper right corner of the post.

Information here will be somewhat generic, given the public exposure of the internet, but members should be able to glean helpful information from these posts.  If you have any questions about the people or the gathering of the Chapel, please feel free to call me at 970-seven seven six-zero98six (I have to do that so my number doesn’t get sent all around the internet) or to post a comment here.