A New Building!!??!!

We have had little reason to update this site – UNTIL NOW!  We are beginning to move forward on a new building.  Scott Zurn, at Level Engineering in Loveland, has been helping us work through the red tape presented by the county and state.  It appears that we have some hope for building on our old site again.

The story is long.  After the flood, as you can see below, came the fire.  Then the road construction.  When the road construction ended, and the road opened again, we learned that the county presented a number of serious obstacles for our rebuilding.  We had an offer for a new property, but that fell through.  After months of serious searching, we determined that we would try to work through the county objections to rebuild on our old lot.

For the past three and a half years we have met at the Big Thompson Canyon Association building near the fire department.  For two years of that we were locked into a Saturday evening meeting time, which was difficult for some.  We are grateful to the BTCA for renting to us and trust that we have been a blessing to them as well.

But now things are brightening again.  A couple of significant obstacles have been overcome.  We are waiting on a well permit.  Once that is approved, we will go to the county again with plans for a building.

So now we are beginning to raise money.  We had fire insurance, and those funds have been protected, but they will be seriously inadequate with the zoning changes and price increases over these three years.  If the Lord leads you to help, you can use the Paypal link on this page or the GoFundMe link here:


All in all, the Lord has blessed us.  The congregation has remained strong.  New people come, some to visit and some to stay.  We have lost some of our friends and have gained new ones.  The message has been consistent:

God is good all the time!


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