We continue to follow the Lord!

Welcome! Yes, the Chapel is still around, even though we haven’t updated this page for a while. We continue to meet at the BTCA building next to the fire station near Drake at 10 AM on Sundays. You are always welcome to join with us!

We are still working with our engineers to journey through the county regulations for a new building. We have officially submitted building plans that will fit on our original lot and give us the space we need for ministry. With new floodplain restrictions, half of our already tiny lot became unusable. Our engineers have creatively designed a building that meets the restrictions. A particular concern and prayer issue involves the parking area across the little street. Because of the urban rules of the county, we may be required to have an urban parking area with lights, pavement, markings, etc. At the same time, because of the flood and river grading, we don’t see any possibility of meeting some of those demands. We are praying for variances and considerations from the county on this issue. We ask that you would pray with us.

We have been very careful about asking for financial help because we have not been certain that the county will give us approval to build. We don’t believe it would be right to ask for and collect money for a project that might not happen. However, it now looks like the new building will be possible, and we are moving closer to a time when we will ask for help raising the additional funds to complete the building process.

Our hope and prayer is to be in a new building soon!


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