Update – August 2018

Wow!  Nothing here for a long time.  I apologize!

We continue to meet at the BTCA building at 5:00 on Saturday evenings.  Now that the summer is nearly over and the road is open again for everyone (with occasional delays), we are able to reevaluate several things about our ministry.  Be watching here for any changes.

We have an offer of a small property along Hwy 43, the Glenhaven Road, about three miles west of Drake.  It would be a gift and about one acre right next to the road.  However, working with the county to subdivide the property and get through all the land and water mitigation paperwork is a serious challenge.  We were told that it could take two years and several thousand dollars and still have no guarantee of an outcome in our favor.  Since that time, we have been told many different possibilities.  Some limit the size of the building, some would greatly expand the necessary size of the property gift, some would involve legal maneuvering at significant cost.

Added to this are the changes to our original property.  There is some question as to the new size of the building lot, now that the Riverforks Road has changed.  We also are concerned that the changes along the river have made our parking area much smaller.  It does not appear, at this time, that we will be able to return to our original property and rebuild.  We are unable to purchase the property next to ours, in spite of the fact that it has been all but abandoned by the owner.

So, we are looking for options.  We certainly want to remain in the Drake community.  That is the definition of our ministry.  We believe that community should have a church that cares and presents the love of God.  We continue to minister to folks from the canyon, Storm Mountain, Estes Park, and Loveland.

This process has been challenging for us.  The congregation is amazingly patient and resilient.  We greatly desire our own property and building and the opportunity to rebuild our service to the Lord and the community.

Please pray for us!



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