A Meeting Place!

Yesterday we met with Michelle at Allnutt Funeral Service in Loveland and she graciously offered us the use of their chapel and fellowship area for as long as we need it at no charge.  God is good!

10 AM at Allnut (2100 North Lincoln in Loveland)

Several churches offered the use of their worship areas on Sunday afternoons and we visited a couple other businesses that have meeting rooms.  Mary at Home State Bank was very helpful and kind in doing research for us.  But it worked out that one of our ladies used to work at Allnutt and made a call for us.

At first, we will meet in the fellowship area just for the sake of feeling more together.  Later we may move into the chapel.  We are welcome to use the facility through the mornings, so we will have our regular worship time and services.

In the photo map below, you will see 1st Christian Church in the bottom of the photo and Allnutt just above it.  You should be able to park on the east, south, or north sides.  We will meet in the fellowship room on the east side and there are doors there.  You are also welcome to enter through the main south doors.

10 AM at Allnut (2100 North Lincoln in Loveland)


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