Update 9-11-15

For most of us, dates have a way of bringing back memories.  September 11th is a day of infamy in our nation as we not only remember those who died, but notice the changes that have taken place in our culture since that time.  For my family, it has been 15 years on this day since my mother passed away, and not a day goes by when we don’t miss her.  For Connie and Elvin of our congregation, this date marks something very special that happened 60 years ago.  (Congratulations!)

Tomorrow will be two years since the flood of 2013.  A lot has changed.  We are back in the Chapel building, but couldn’t worship last week because the road was being replaced in front of the church.  We miss the simple quiet of the community.  As things continue to change, nerves are a little on edge and no one knows when the changes will happen.  The Glen Haven road is under repair, but challenging for anyone who wants to travel it.  The Storm Mountain road is being repaired and the bridge will be replaced.  Even 34 will be replaced in the near future, according to the news.  All of these affect our people.

We have lost a couple of stalwarts since my last post, Cliff and Norm.  Both of them were very much a part of the Chapel family and we will miss them.  As fall sets in, we lose some of our summer folk.  We wish them the best in their travels.

But we are back!  The Chapel family is together, and we continue to move forward.  God has greatly blessed us over the past two years, and we trust that He will continue to bless in the future.  There are still changes to be made, things to do.  The parking lot and landscaping was put on hold until the road was finished.  We still have some issues inside, but those are winding down.  We are very happy to be back in the building and ministering in the community again.  Our goal is simply to tell whoever will hear the good news of God’s love in Jesus.

If you live up here, or if you come to visit, please stop in some Sunday morning.  Our worship is at 10:00.  We would love to have you with us!

Sharing Hope

For those of you who are interested in supporting or learning about a hands-on ministry that truly made a difference for our little congregation and for our broader community, visit this site:


Allen King headed up the work in our area.  He and his crews donated skills and time that made it possible for us to return to the Chapel without debt.  We can’t say thanks enough to them or to God for them!

We Are Back!

Obviously, I haven’t updated this blog for a while.  It served as a way to let people know the situation back when it was happening and, after all our people were accounted for and adjustments were made, we just went on with our lives and work.

However, we are now back at the Chapel!  The inside was gutted to get to any mold and, on the basis of $19,000,00 of scrubbing and testing, we are mold free.  Only after that was established could we begin to rebuild.

Here is a portion of my Christmas ministry letter:

“We have learned that it isn’t wrong to make plans and set goals, but that our plans must be submitted to Jesus. He is the Head of the church and the Head of our family. As we follow Him, we will find His protection and His provision. As we trust Him, we will find Him to be trustworthy and faithful. No one knows what the future will bring—no one but Jesus.

Obviously, we have seen strong evidence of this over the past 15 months. When the flood came and the Chapel sat in the water, none of us knew God’s plan. So many in our community had lost so much and the only thing we knew was that it would take a long time and a lot of work, besides a lot of money, to get things back in order.

But God knew just what was needed. He provided a place, through the kindness of Allnutt Funeral Chapel, for us to gather ourselves each week. For fourteen months they allowed us to use their facility at no charge, and we were greatly blessed. God lifted up Bob Fiscus to lead in organizing the rebuilding of the Chapel, and Bob gave more hours of labor and planning than you and I could imagine. Bob and Sylvia, Harry and Liz, and so many others pitched in to tear out drywall and flooring and carry out trash and get things ready so the inside could be restored. For those who didn’t see what was needed, it is also hard to imagine. The interior of the building has been rebuilt from the studs in the walls and the concrete floors. What wasn’t destroyed by the water was infected by the mold. Even the wiring had to be replaced.

Then, at just the right time, God brought in Allan King and his work crews. They spent hundreds of hours sanding, cleaning, painting, and finishing all the woodwork and walls. They did more than we would have ever expected—again at no charge to us. Allan represents a Mennonite ministry and has helped many who were affected by the flood. We give praise to God for Allan, his family, and his work crews.

Financially, the Lord has provided in so many ways. Many from the Chapel family have been generous to the point of sacrifice. We have received gifts from folks outside the Chapel as well, and organizations such as Mountain View Presbyterian Church in Loveland. Several of our contractors have donated hours and fixtures to help us get back together.

Some of our folks from the canyon suffered serious loss. Some have rebuilt and others have had to find new living situations. But all were protected by the hand of God. It is amazing to think that the loss of life in this flood was so much less than in the 1976 flood, even though this flood was so much more powerful. While we grieve with those who lost loved ones and with those who lost their homes, we are thankful to the Lord for His protecting hand.

And now we are back! The community looks different and there is much work yet to be done. The Chapel looks different inside and it is obvious that a great deal of work has been done. There are still a few things to do, bugs to work out, but we are moving forward again. God has truly been good to us. He has been our Protector and our Provider.”