News as of 10-10-13

Well, we have had a report on the damage at the Chapel building in Drake.  Two of our men went up there and found that water did get into the building, both from the river and, apparently, from the hillside behind the Chapel.  Mold is already growing and the building smells.  The pews were pushed into a heap at the back of the church.  Cushions, books, and paneling have all been water-soaked and most are not recoverable.  One estimate was that two feet of water was in the building.  Now, of course, there is mud and mold.

Those who went up were able to bring a few things back (files, some hymnals, some artwork, etc.) but not much.  Nor were they able to do any cleaning or repairs.  These things will have to wait until more time and access is allowed.  At this point only those who have identification that verifies they live in the area are able to go in and then only for short periods.  Even then, the roads are such that four-wheel-drive and high clearance are necessary.  No cars can get to the Chapel building, so anything brought out has to be carried across the river on the makeshift bridge.

There is no road by the Chapel, nor do we have any parking left.  It will be several months before access will become easy again.  We are trying to determine our best course of action until that time.  At this point we still have to simply wait.

PERSPECTIVE:  It is important to remember that no one lives at the Chapel.  Some have lost their homes completely and others will have a great deal of work to do when they have access again.  The Chapel building is just a building.  The Chapel family can build again or meet in another facility, even if the current building cannot be restored.  Our concern now is for the people who grieve the loss of their homes and community.

At this point we have accounted for everyone in the Chapel fellowship.  All are safe and in good spirits, in spite of their loss.  Those who are able are gathering at the Allnutt facility in Loveland for worship and fellowship on Sunday mornings.  We continue to meet for breakfast at Perkins on Thursday mornings.  We are very much aware that God has blessed all of us.

So many have expressed their concerns.  Thanks for your prayers and for your financial contributions.  We have a special flood relief fund set up and donations can be made through this website or can be sent to our PO box (Chapel of the Interlude, PO Box 2882, Loveland, CO 80539).

Please tell others about this website.  We will try to keep it up to date as we learn more.  I hope to have some recent pictures of the Chapel property soon.


2 thoughts on “News as of 10-10-13

  1. Hi – We had a fundraiser in Estes Park yesterday for the various communities impacted by the flood. We put out 10 donation jars for businesses/institutions in need of funds for repairs, and for Drake we put out a jar for Chapel of the Interlude. That jar contained $150 (all cash or coins) at the end of the event. I don’t have a “pass” right now to get to Drake to deliver it, and am not sure who to deliver it to anyhow. Check out for our contact information. If you don’t see this message or have a chance to respond in the next few days, I will try the telephone number provided on this site. Thanks. -john

    • Hi John!

      Wow! What a wonderful surprise! We are so grateful for your thoughtfulness. Our attention has been primarily focused on the people affected by the flood and we are just now beginning to understand the considerable damage to the Chapel building and furnishings. If you would like to send the money to our PO box (2882) in Loveland (80539), I will make sure it gets to our treasurer. We have no one in Drake at this time. Again, thanks so much for thinking of us. God bless all of you!

      Pastor Dave Orrison

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